Relativistic Hydrodynamics: Foundations, Novel Applications and Interdisciplinary Connections

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Recent years have seen a number of important developments in understanding foundations of relativistic hydrodynamics and emergence of new applicational areas, as well as interdisciplinary connections.

This virtual workshop, building on a tradition of previous in-person meetings in Mainz in 2016, Trento in 2018 and Banff in 2019, aimed to discuss state of the art developments on relativistic hydrodynamics in the form of 10 informative talks across the whole spectrum of developments.

The meeting took place on 11 December (Friday) and 14 December (Monday) 2020. All the talks and discussion sessions are on the GQFI YouTube Channel. See below for direct links, as well as .pdf files with slides.

The workshop was a joint venture between the Gravity, Quantum Fields and Information group and the Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe organized by Michal P. Heller (michal.p.heller[AT] and Jorge Noronha (jn0508[AT]


  • Gökçe Başar [University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill] -- Non-gaussian hydrodynamic fluctuations {slides/video}
  • Gabriel S. Denicol [Universidade Federal Fluminense] -- Novel relaxation time approximation to the relativistic Boltzmann equation {slides/video}
  • Marcelo Disconzi [Vanderbilt University] -- General-relativistic viscous fluid dynamics {slides/video}
  • Pavel Kovtun [University of Victoria] -- Hydrodynamic fluctuations beyond hydrodynamics {slides/video}
  • Luis Lehner [Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics] -- Hydro 'inspirations' for gravity and beyond GR {slides/video}
  • Sören Schlichting [Bielefeld University] -- Non-equilibrium Green’s functions of the energy-momentum tensor {slides/video}
  • Alexandre Serantes [National Centre for Nuclear Research] -- Relativistic hydrodynamics: insights from linear response theory? {slides/video}
  • Masaru Shibata [Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)] -- Neutron-star merger and (effective) viscous effects {slides/video}
  • Enrico Speranza [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign] -- New results on spin and chiral hydrodynamics {slides/video}
  • Viktor Svensson [National Centre for Nuclear Research / Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)] -- Hydrodynamic attractors in phase space {slides/video}

The discussion sessions were moderated by Dekrayat Almaalol [Kent State University] {slides/video} and Travis Dore [University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign] {slides/video}.



chairs: Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler [Friday, first half], Ulrich Heinz [Friday, second half], Wilke van der Schee [Monday, first half] Michał Spaliński [Monday, second half].